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How to survive and thrive in the stock market

Every stock exchange trader knows how hard is to make a profit on a constant basis. The stock market is different than other markets due to its complexity. Some have tried to compare it with binary options exchange, but that is impossible. Binary options trading have software that makes the life of a trader easy. Find out more: http://cybermentors.org.uk/orion-code-review-scam-or-not/.

Trading on the stock market is, as we mentioned, complex and a trader needs a lot of education and practice to survive on it. But a trader trades to make a profit, not just to survive. What you need to have to thrive on the stock exchange and how you can do that are the subjects of this article.

Character traits every trader needs

traderThere are some standard features every trader needs to possess. Comparing several experienced traders yields valuable info about the characteristics that enhance the people who trade. We could list numerous smaller traits you will find useful in trading, but we won’t. Instead of that, we will list several major characteristics that define stock traders.

  1. Confidence is one major trait a successful trader needs. You will have to go against the choice of the majority if you want to make a lot of money. That move requires confidence and faith in oneself and the decisions you make. Being greedy when others are fearful is a clear sign of confidence.
  2. A trader has to be smart. They need the ability to gather and process complicated data and to come out with trading positions that will make a profit. A person who can’t do that is not fit to be a trader.
  3. profitA stock investor needs to make an effort to make a profit. Spending hours on research and then decide that the risk is too high is something you will have to deal with as a trader. Failure to do that just because you spent too much time in the research is a sign of a bad investor.
  4. Exiting trade that generates revenue might be a stupid move, but it is also a sign of humility, another trait required to succeed on the stock exchange. Exiting random trades will damage your profits, but knowing when to give up and not risk the money you already earned, is something else.

Long-term Trading – Investing over trading

Long-term Trading – Investing over tradingIf you have a lot of money and you want 100 percent secure source of income, then you might think about investing in the stock market rather than trading on it. Some might say that those two terms represent the same thing, but in reality, it’s far from the truth.

Trading on the stock market means that you buy and sell stocks on a regular basis. Investing means that you purchase a significant number of shares from a single company. When you invest a lot of money in shares of one company you will get individual rights as well as excellent income from dividends. It’s important to find a company that can grow so you can sell your shares back to them sometimes in the future.

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